'Connect to Office 365' is an easy way for developers to integrate their product with Office 365 Groups. The Connect button lets you empower and engage your customers by sending connector cards to them. Once you add a Connect button to your application, your users are able to use it to authorize their Office 365 Groups to receive your connector cards. The Connect button helps your app obtain a WebHook to the Group authorized by your users. You can send rich connector cards to the Group using the WebHook URL to share important updates, send reminders for pending actions, send weekly reports and so on. You can build immersive experiences with connector cards. You can register your connector at our developer portal and get your connect button. Read more in our developer documentation.
STEP 1: Authorize Application
Click the Connect To O365 button to Authorize sandbox to interact with your selected Office 365 Group.
Connectors Sandbox

Adding the connect button is as simple as copy pasting a html snippet and supplying your application name, logo and a callback URL as parameters. This callback URL should listen to response from the 'Connect to Office 365'. Check the documentation of more details.

STEP 2: View or edit the JSON payload

When the user logs in & allows access to his group, the callback URL would receive the selected group name & the corresponding WebHook URL. Sending a connector card is as easy as posting a formatted JSON payload to the WebHook URL. You can view or edit the sample JSON payload and preview it by clicking on the 'Preview Connector Card' button.

Group Name
Webhook Url

STEP 3: Preview and post connector card

Authorize the application and click on Preview Connector Card button to preview.

We will keep you posted on the developments on this initiative though our blog. If you have any feedback share it on UserVoice. Post your questions on Stack Overflow and tag them with Office365Connectors.